About this blog

I believe that every now and then we can actually see and predict the future of science and technology, and I am sure that Quantum Information and Quantum Computation will play a crucial role in defining where the course of our technology is headed. 

This blog is dedicated to any one who is interested in studying Quantum Information and Quantum Computation. Here you will be able to take a behind-the-scenes tour of the fascinating research that gets done in these fields of study.

I will try to make this blog as inclusive as possible, if you haven’t had much contact with Quantum Information and Quantum Computation, you will find here all the definitions, demonstrations and concepts you will need (like entanglement measurements, quantum discord, quantum algorithms, linear algebra (yeah, you’ll need it!), and so on). In order to take full advantage of this blog I recommend you take an introductory course to Quantum Mechanics, and if you already have, I bid you welcome. 

Marco Cerezo (2015)

If you want to leave a comment containing equations, WordPress allows you to use LaTeX. All you have to do is write your equation as follows: “$latex” (insert equation here)”$” (without the quotes!). For example, if you type “$latex” followed by “2\pi R $”, you would get:

2\pi R.

You can also check WordPress’s LaTeX guide here and if you aren’t very familiar with LaTeX commands you can try this list of commands.

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