Monday Humour: Energy Mass Equivalence is Discovered

Wonder how many breakthroughs were made this way?


I just love the fact that he’s randomly trying different exponents ^^

Have the greatest week everyone!

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I'm Marco Cerezo, I have a Ph.D in Physics and I'm currently a Postdoctoral Research Associate at Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico, USA. My main fields of study are Quantum Information, Quantum Computing and Condensed Matter. Currently I'm working to develop novel quantum algorithms which can be useful in near-term quantum devices.
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2 Responses to Monday Humour: Energy Mass Equivalence is Discovered

  1. Jorge Eliecer Arias Guzman, licenciado en Física Universidad del Quindio, Colombia, me apasionan los fenómenos físicos y tengo preguntas sobre las ondas y otras cosas, me gustaria compartirlas y debatirlas, espero tu respuesta

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