The More You Know: Qubit

A Qubit, or quantum bit is the fundamental unit of quantum information, it is a mathematical concept satisfying particular properties. The Qubit is the quantum counterpart of the classical bit.

A classical bit can be in one of two different states: 0 or 1, whereas a Qubit can be in the quantum states |1\rangle|0\rangle but also in any superposition of these two. That is, the state |\psi\rangle  of a Qubit will be of the form

|\psi\rangle=\alpha|0\rangle + \beta|1\rangle,

where \alpha and \beta are complex number satisfying


The states |1\rangle and |0\rangle form the so-called computational basis \{|1\rangle,|0\rangle\}. Then, as a mathematical concept, a Qubit is a vector normalized to length 1 in a 2D complex vector field.

Just as it’s classical analogue, a Qubit can have many physical realizations: The polarization of a photon, the spin of an electron or a nucleus, the localization of a charge, among other two-state quantum systems.

Go to the Dictionary of Quantum Information and Quantum Computation.

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